Contact telephone numbers for customer services: 0845 345 3450,
0208 544 7000

Link to the official Autotrader UK website
More information on the site: The UK’s #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, trucks and caravans with over 350,000 vehicles online. Check Car news, reviews and obtain cheap car insurance quotes, loans, parts & accessories.

Auto trader is a successful UK company that was established in 1975 and today it is pleased to offer new and second hand cars, bikes, caravans and more. The network is developed as its cars are exported to Ireland and South Africa. Auto trader is currently a choice of million customers who want to get high-quality product. It is one of UK’s largest and most established primary companies, selling lots of cars every year. It has the experience to deliver a high level of service. Auto trader has come a long way to get your respect. Its service is unrivalled. The company has created a large group of people who became a professional and knowledgeable team. The hope they can provide the superior experience they have set out to create. Your satisfaction is number one priority.

Today you can buy you car with confidence online, just specify some details as price, colour, model, age etc. You cal learn further information about cars via Auto trader official website, where you can get full support and select the best one. If you want to make fast and simpler purchase, save your budget, you can buy the best used car with the minimum of fuss. The most popular models of new cars are the Ford B-MAX, Dacia Duster 4×4, MG 6 and more. Auto trader makes every effort to opens up new possibilities before you. Please be assured each car is highly practical, robust and reliable. It offers airbags that guarantees your full safety in the event of accident.

The company offers you car insurance that is particularly important for your safety on the road. Highly-qualified repairs will help your car in the event of freak accident or emergency. Customers can visit office where pleasant staff is only happy to see them. You will get all important information about car you are interested in. Believe Auto trader knows how to help you to select the best car that will offer you functionality, independence and safety.

Please feel free to contact Auto trader Customer Service in the event of any issues or problems, general and technical enquiries and further information. You can send your email and helpful team aims to respond within 24 hours. Besides you can view FAQs page that will give you full support to decide your problem yourself. Believe you will never regret your choice.

Best time to call: 8am – 9pm Monday, 8am – 8pm Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 5.30pm Weekends and Bank Holidays.


Contact address for claims, support and other:
Auto Trader Digital,
Willow House,
Woodlands Business Park,
WA12 0HE

Call cost: 0844, 0843 – up to 7p/min, 0871 – up to 13p/min, plus your phone company’s access charge

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10 Responses to Autotrader

  • guest says:

    How does selling and buying work with Autotrader?
    Also I wonder if I have to pay online or meet the seller and pay to him? Can I reserve a car there? How do I get a car after paying for it?
    Is everything safe there? Want to know more before I start. I’m from UK.
    Thanks in advance!

    • guest says:

      I think Autotrader is an excellent advertising online website to find cars for sale.
      They just advertise cars for sale. If you are a seller you will need to pay for the ads on Autotrader website to advertise your car.
      If you want to buy a car you just call the seller and work things out with him. Here Autotrader has nothing to do.
      So it’s a great place for selling and buying cars in the meaning of advertising.

  • guest says:

    I want to buy a car from autotrader but it doesn’t let me, why?
    When I try to register on with my postcode, it doesn’t accept it.
    I’m from England. thanks

    • guest says: is not selling cars. They just do is list of cars for sale and advertise them. If you want to buy a car that is listed on autotrader you need to contact the seller directly
      The contact address of each seller should be indicated.

  • guest says:

    Is reliable?
    Are the people there selling cars legit?

    • guest says:

      Yes, all people selling cars there are legit.
      I’ve already found a few cars there, contacted sellers directly and bought cars for myself and my wife.
      Private sellers at autotrader are 99% of the time, although occasionally, on any website, you may run into a scam or two.
      I didn’t have any problems searching for cars at autotrader.

  • guest says:

    Autotrader help?
    How can I find the payment and costs at

    • guest says:

      You can only find the price info if the seller provides it.
      Sometimes you can get this info while contacting the seller. Or sometimes the seller asks you to come and drive a car, if you like it, you agree upon the price.
      If the price is not listed on autotrader, I usually don’t call a seller, only the ones that indicate the price.

  • guest says:

    Loan from
    I received an email saying that autotrader can give me loan to buy a car through thir website. How long should I wait to receive a loan to buy a car?

    • guest says:

      If you received this kind of an email I can assure you that this is a fraud/scam. Autotrader doesn’t give loans!
      So you can just delete this message.