Good Energy Group Plc

Contact telephone numbers for customer services: 01249 766090

Link to the official Good Energy Group Plc UK website
More information on the site: GOOD ENERGY GROUP PLC – Investing in Renewable Energy. Good Energy, Good Energy Generation, Wind farm development projects, Good Energy Shop, Shareholder Centre.

Good Energy Group PLC was conceived in 2000 and today it is one of the most successful suppliers of energy and electricity. The Company currently serves lots of people who can rely on it. Your full satisfaction is number one priority. Knowledgeable staff tries to provide services of the highest quality, combining high level of customer service with excellent value for money. Good Energy Group PLC firmly believes that customers will never regret they have connected their life with company. The goal is to give you the best standards of customer service. Hospitable staff carefully listens to your requirements and tries to understand it without any efforts.

You can visit official website where you can learn more about company’s strategy, reliable service, friendly staff, great deals etc. You will be offered additional features and benefits to customers. Good Energy Group PLC aims to ensure customers’ wishes and needs. Believe it is one of the most reliable suppliers in Great Britain. Today it is able to deliver electricity to your homes and businesses. Whatever your budget, company tries to help you in any situations. The goal is to develop services with you and environment in mind. You will get entirely new experience and your life will change in better side. High-quality products will answer your needs.

Please feel free to visit Good Energy Shop where helpful staff is always happy to see you. They will answer to the most your questions you may have. Valuable and loyal clients will get useful information and tips that are dedicated to help you to make the best choice. The right service will meet your needs, both now and in the future. Highly qualified technical personnel know a key to your satisfaction and relaxation. There lots of ways you can connect with company. Please send your email and you will get your reply as soon as possible. If you wish to have a direct conversation with company’s representatives, please dial the number that you see above and you will get ready answers to any doubt you may have. Believe you will always get support if you need.


Contact address for claims, support and other:
Good Energy Group PLC
Monkton Reach
Monkton Hill
SN15 1EE

Call cost: 0844, 0843 – up to 7p/min, 0871 – up to 13p/min, plus your phone company’s access charge

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