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Northern Rock (Customer Service)

Contact telephone numbers for customer services: 0845 609 9610, Fax: 00 44 191 285 7191

Link to the official Northern Rock (Customer Service) UK website
More information on the site: Northern Rock offer products and; information in Savings, Mortgages, Insurance and; Financial Planning. Northern Rock; people with your interests at heart.

Northern Rock is a reliable British bank. Due to some circumstances, it was bought by Virgin Money in 2012. It was officially launched in 1965. A wide range of services, strong customer support and years of experience in the working environment successfully let the bank to the well-being and happy future with deep life experience. Virgin Money plays a top-ranking position in clients’ everyday life. It is proud of its reputation as a reliable and stable bank with fast and convenient service and an innovative approach to customer service. Virgin Money guarantees the confidentiality of your information. Reputation, image and credibility of the bank friendly staff put above all individual interests and needs. Your trust is very important for them.

An increasing number of services can be ordered via the Internet, from the comfort of your home or office. If you wish you can visit the main office where friendly team is always waiting for you. Clients will get all information about insurance, accounts, savings, investments, cards, mortgages etc. Your money and possession will be in reliable hands with Virgin Money. The company faithfully does all work to maintain lasting friendship with all clients. It employs clever co-workers who are committed to continuous improvement of services and search of new means and opportunities for more efficient operation of the bank. Virgin Money strives for further improvement customer service using deep experience in the market.

If you are going to have adventure trip or business tour, please don’t forget about the most important. It is life insurance. Virgin Money has all possibilities to protect you in difficult times. Customers have a chance to get 15% off if they insure more than one pet with Virgin. Don’t forget that your favourite animal also needs special care. Virgin car insurance includes windscreen repair and replacement, attractive discount if you make order online. The bank is working only for you and your protection. It values each valued and loyal client.

If you encounter a problem, please be assured Virgin Money Customer Support service makes everything possible to help you. You can follow the bank on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and YouTube for further information or advice. If you would prefer to call Virgin Customer Contact Centre before you place an order online please use telephone numbers on the website. For your convenience, it is a good idea to send email online and Virgin team aims to respond as soon as only possible. Believe your complicated problem will be resolved.

Lines are open: 8am – 8pm business days, 8am – 4pm Saturday, 10am – 3pm Sunday.


Contact address for claims, support and other:
Northern Rock House
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE3 4PL DX 60350
Gosforth 2

Call cost: 0844, 0843 – up to 7p/min, 0871 – up to 13p/min, plus your phone company’s access charge

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10 Responses to Northern Rock (Customer Service)

    • guest says:

      It ran an unsustainable business model, borrowing money cheaply overseas and lending it at a higher rate in Britain. When overseas money became more expensive Northern Rock became apparent that American property market lending had been unsound and the American banks. Banks stopped lending to each other as basically they were unsure about their ability to do so. This was what caused the demise of Northern Rock. Now every taxpayer in this country is into Northern Rock for about £2000.

  • guest says:

    Are funds held by Northern Rock in Cash ISA’s under any threat?
    Please let me know.

    • guest says:

      No, now there is no threat. Although Northern Rock have borrowed money from the Bank of England it’s just a safeguard in case they need it.

  • guest says:

    is it true that Northern Rock has borrowed money from England Bank to survive?

    • guest says:

      Yes, they had to borrow money from the Bank of England, legally it was announced publicly.

    • guest says:

      You are perfectly entitled to withdraw all your money from Northern Rock. They are stocking up their branches with more cash than usual to meet the high demands.
      If you have an ISA don’t withdraw the cash or you`ll lose it’s tax free status. Instead get the new ISA Provider to transfer the money from your old ISA to your new one, and that will preserve the tax free status.
      Your money is also protected by the Financial Services Compensation scheme for amounts under £35,000.

    • guest says:

      Yes, and it’s good. I think northern rock took a right step in the right direction.

      Cash upfront payment has been made for £787 million pounds but the government will automatically take % of any profit from this sector of virgin money until the debt has been paid back.
      Also the government will still own the “bad bank” side of northern rock (N-ram) which is making the government profits on its 40 billion pounds worth of mortgages!