Privilege Car Insurance

Privilege Car Insurance contact telephone number: 08449 95 50 95

The 08449 95 50 95 Privilege Car Insurance phone number menu options are:

  • 1 – claims department
  • 2 – existing Privilege Car Insurance customers – for customer services
  • 3 – for callers who do not have car insurance with Privilege at the moment – for new quotes

Opening times: Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-17:00

The 08449 95 50 95 number provided by this connection service is an alternative contact telephone number for Privilege Car Insurance. Calls to this connection service alternative  number will be charged at 7 pence per minute including VAT plus your phone company’s access charge. Basic rate telephone number and other contact details for Privilege Car Insurance are likely to be found at Privilege website and in the public domain.

More information on the site: UK car insurance with multi-car discount and uninsured driver cover as standard. Get a quote online. You don’t have to be posh to be privileged.

Privilege was formed in the year 1994 and today is a successful company that provides car insurance and a number of home insurance goods. The company has gained much success and nurtures customer’s respect in working environment. Privilege has worked hard to build a solid reputation. It has strong cooperation with range of foreign companies. The company is renowned for its gracious service and superior quality. Today clients can count on Privilege.

On the official website you are able to order your insurance and notify if your name has changed. Be assured your personal information will be held securely in accordance with internal security policy and the law. Take advantages of special and attractive online offers and save up to 10% with Privilege Multi-Car discount. Do not miss great benefits that are offered to members of Privilege Breakdown. Connect your life with company and save you valuable time and money.

If customer has more than one car, the company offers an attractive discount. Privilege ensures 5 years guarantee and highly qualified technical personnel will repair your car than includes also washed and vacuumed. Loyal and existing car insurance customers have a capability to get 25% discount. The company also suggests a high level of home insurance that includes your personal possession, family legal protection, accidental damage, annual travel insurance plus many more.

You are able to get a full support online. Of course hospitable staff is always happy to see you in Privilege offices. You will useful tips and information. In the event of various problems, you will always get free support. Warming attitude to each customer makes the company the best.

Please submit your comments and feedbacks on the Privilege official website; it is really very important for company. Before calling the privilege insurance customer service number, please visit FAQs page and you have a chance to resolve your problem yourself. Feel free to read helpful advice sections online that help you make better choice. Privilege car insurance claims phone number is 08449 95 50 95. You can communicate with company’s representatives in a direct way. If you wish to write to the office than the address is below. Remember each customer will get special assistance in any situations.


Alternative free contact numbers to Privilege Car Insurance
020 na
0800 051 6990
0800 0511 079

Alternative phone numbers to Privilege Car Insurance
0300 123 9123

Contact address:
The Wharf,
Neville Street,

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10 Responses to Privilege Car Insurance

  • guest says:

    Privilege car insurance?
    we have my car insured with Privilege car insurance! I had an accident yesterday. The car is crashed :(. Never had a claim before. So I need to know how Privilege deal with in a claim situation. The assessor is coming out to see the car “hopefully this week”.
    Do I need to wait for long time for a settlement?

    • guest says:

      To start with I suggest you to start looking for similar vehicles – model year and mileage and see what type of prices they are going for.
      Print about 5 of these prices off. So start looking for prices now.
      The insurers have a maximum 5 day turn around on getting the cheque issued. meaning you should get your cheque within approx the next week. There’s a 5 day turn around rule, so point it out to them and it should get them moving.

  • guest says:

    How it works with Privilege car insurance?
    I’ve checked that Privilege is 25% cheaper than my current insurance that is going to expire soon. Do you recommend Privilege to insure my car?

    • guest says:

      Yes, the price is pretty convenient! My car is insured for 2 years already with Privilege.
      their customer service staff is helpful as I had a claim once. Their additional charge for taking the car abroad on holiday has also been reasonable. So from my own experience I can recommend Privilege.

  • guest says:

    What car insurer can you suggest?
    I’ve bout a new car and want to get a deal with the reliable insurer? So what car insurer can you advice?

    • guest says:

      I’m with Privilege car insurance for 3 yesrs and I must say that I’m satisfied. The prices there are the best, and as an insurer it’s a reliable one.

  • guest says:

    Hi, my car is covered with Privilege insurance policy.
    My brother needs to drive my car for a few weeks. So I wonder if it’s possible to temporarily add a driver to my car insurance? Are any charges required?

    • guest says:

      I’ve added my wife to my Privilege car insurance. I just gave Privilege a call and informs the details of the “additional drive”. And yes, the charges are required but dependent on the risk.

  • guest says:

    Will I have my Privilege car insurance policy automatically renewed?
    Will I have my car insurance renewed if I don’t contact them to ask for it?

    • Admin says:

      They did it automatically for me. I received a renewal invite 21 days before my renewal date. If it’s correct and you want to keep the policies it will be renewed, if not – you should tell them, it depends on you.