Scottish Power

Scottish Power UK contact telephone number: 0800400200

The 0800400200 Scottish Power UK phone number menu options are:

  • 1 – for customers who currently supplied by Scottish Power, please have your account details ready
  • 2 – to transfer your energy supply to Scottish Power
  • 3 – for customers in process of transferring
  • 4 – if you not entirely satisfied with your relationship with Scottish Power
  • 5 – to cancel an application

Opening times: Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-17:00.

Basic rate telephone number and other contact details for Scottish Power are likely to be found at Scottish Power website and in the public domain.

Save on your energy bills when you switch your supplier to Scottish Power.

Established in 1990, Scottish Power is an outstanding supplier of energy and electricity. It has been dedicated to making a better world through its high level of service. Talented team, responsible approach to everyone, reliable service, global network, successful cooperation with other companies makes Scottish Power the best in working environment. The company prides yourself on offering the highest level of customer service. Since its foundation, it has gained much success as outstanding energy supplier. It aims to exceed the expectations of their valuable and loyal clients. Your satisfaction is number one priority for company’s strategy and development.

You can get further information about energy online. There lots of useful advice how to safe electricity and gas. Customers can compare Scottish Power’s prices and other companies and after that to make the right choice. To be honest it is not an easy task to select the right gas supplier, but company is really dedicated to make your life easier and safer. Reliable service is complied with highest environmental standards. The mission is to develop such service that will be based on customer’s expectations. Highly qualified technical personnel know how to satisfy you and your close people. Scottish Power is committed to provide the right service to meet your requirements.

You are always welcome to visit your nearest office where pleasant staff is waiting just for you with warming smile. Customers will be surprised with unmatched level of service. Be assured you will get maximum comfort and convenience. Each client will have the right amount of personal attention. Please feel free to get in touch with company if you have any problems or just want to know detailed information about company’s strategy. You have a chance to send your email and helpful team aims to respond within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can dial the number that you see above to contact Scottish Power. Clients will have a direct conversation with company’s representatives who are glad to take care of their problem. Your problem will be always resolved.

Alternative phone numbers to contact Scottish Power
Scottish Hydro 0800 300 999
ScottishPower Energy Networks 0800 092 9290,0330 1010 222

Alternative free contact numbers to Scottish Power
0800 027 0072
0800 027 1122

Alternative phone numbers to Scottish Power
03454 04 05 06


Contact address:
Section 5,
Cathcart Business Park,
Spean Street,
G44 4BE

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13 Responses to Scottish Power

  • metalthrashin says:

    Hello guys!!
    I’d like to find out more about Smart Metering.. Everything I know is that it’s quite another type of meter)

  • HRH2 says:

    Yes, you’re right))
    Smart Meter is more advanced than we have in our homes now)))) With this meter you can exactly know how much energy you are using without visiting your premises))) I think it’s very easy!!!..
    Also if you want to know more, use the Scottish Power direct contact number that you can see above.
    Good luck!

  • metalthrashin says:

    It’s really cool))) Scottish Power customer team answered to all my questions!… Thanks-thanks-thanks!

  • guest says:

    Which to choose: Scottish Power or British Gas?
    I’m more interested which supplier is cheaper. And to hear other recommendations will be great. Thanks.

    • Admin says:

      Well…not sure about Scottish Power but BG are not worth to start with. When I was with BG – I had many complaints … and I also came across other people complaining.
      So check more reviews on Scottish power to decide.

  • guest says:

    Scottish Power
    I moved to a new flat and the electricity supplier here is Scottish Power. So I wonder how much is the domestic tariff of a unit of electricity from Scottish Power?

    • Admin says:

      I also have Scottish Power. Scottish Hydro is- 250 units at 15.6p,.rest at 9.01p
      Night energy 3.83p.

  • guest says:

    Scottish Power gas prepayment meters?
    As I know Scottish Power put prepayment gas and electricity meters in, yet I received only electricity one, but no gas meter as well.
    So do they not install prepayment meters for gas or something or what can the problem here?

    • Admin says:

      they should! I receive both gas and electric meters with them. It should be kind of mix up if you don’t receive both. Try to call them and ask for the gas meter to be fitted, if it’s not.

  • guest says:

    2 bills from Scottish power?
    I settled a bill from my old flat with Scottish power more than 5 months ago. And now I received a new bill asking for £250 I should pay with the old flat.
    What should I do?

    • Admin says:

      You should contact them and explain you don’t live there anymore … or maybe it’s an error… Anyway try to solve this with Scottish Power customer services.

  • guest says:

    Gas bill from Scottish Power – prepayment meter? I got a Gas bill from Scottish power saying I was in credit by £110.31. How is that possible if I have a prepayment meter which i have a card to buy gas on and then insert it to the meter? Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Suggest you to check the amount you’ve used is the same on both the bill and on your metre.
      If they are the same – you may be paying at a higher rate than the amount of gas use. You can pay more than you’ve used, just treat it like a savings club where you can either leave it with the company or ask them to send you the cheque for the amount you used