Sky contact number

Sky customer services contact telephone number: 0344 241 1653


Sky Phone Number – 0344 241 1653 – Get Help Whenever You Need it the Most!


“Believe in Better” – the Sky slogan that will make you believe that services provided are of high quality as well as Sky customer support! So call Sky now and get it started!


As one of the major companies operating in the UK let alone specifically in the field of telecommunications and home entertainment, Sky have to be dedicated to offering the absolute highest level of customer service possible. There is nothing more important to customers than receiving quality service. So call Sky customer services team 0344 241 1653 now.


Sky people love their working environment and as a result they are giving the professional support that is trust worthy and reliable. So you will be pleased with your conversation whatever issue you have concerning Sky services.


Ofcom has found Sky Broadband customers enjoy unbeatable overall satisfaction compared to those with BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk, so you will also discover that Sky customer support is one of the best.


Reasons of Calling Sky Customer Support 03442411653

The Sky experts can help solve your issue you just need to 03442411653 whenever you need to speak with the Sky customer services department about anything regarding:

Sky Broadband

Sky Talk

Sky Sports

Sky Movies

Sky Store / Sky Box Office

Sky+ Boxes

Sky+ HD boxes

Sky 3D

Sky Technical Support

Sky On Demand

Sky Catch Up and many more


If you are a current customer with Sky and would like to speak to Sky Customer Services as a matter of payments and billing either if you believe that you have been overcharged for a product or if you have recently been effected by a change in your circumstances then perhaps Sky will try to help you with this and find the appropriate solutions.

If you currently pay via Direct Debit and you would like to change the name in which the Direct Debit comes out then you also can call Sky 0344 241 1653 to get assisted on this matter.

If you are calling on the behalf of a 3rd party you may be requested to answer additional questions to pass security. This is also the case for the account holder themselves as one may need a bill to hand and also the password if applicable.

So Call the Sky Helpline 0344 241 1653 if you would like to know more about these conditions and if you would like to gain further support.


If you intend to upgrade your services you are welcome to contact the Sky telephone number 03442411653 today and you will be directed through to Sky to enquire about this and get the latest upgrades to stay tuned.


Calling the Sky customer service number that’s listed here, 0344 241 1653, will connect you straight through to the customer services department.

Need some assistance with My Sky?

When you call Sky Customer Service 0344 241 1653you will find out about all the priorities of using My Sky, like how to manage your bill, profile and TV settings, view, upgrade and change your package. And Sky professional will let you know how to discover more from Sky at no extra cost.


Every Sky account must have a Primary Sky iD. The Primary Sky iD is the first user to create an iD and link it to the household account. You can only have one Primary Sky iD on your account and this should be the bill payer.

You can also create up to nine other Sky iDs for members of your family or household so that they can also enjoy the best of Sky.


So if you have any issues with entering your account or other related ones, you are welcome to call Sky customer support 0344 241 1653 and all the problems will find their solutions.


Great deals for Sky customers

You can also call Sky customer service to find out about the latest upgrade offers and how to manage with them.

So don’t miss out on the latest deals for all of Sky customers, from upgrading your Sky± box, adding the Sky Sports or Sky Movies packs, or getting Sky Fibre broadband. Recently the great deals are:


New Sky±HD boxes

Upgrade to Sky Movies

Upgrade to Sky Sports

Upgrade to HD

Upgrade to Sky Fibre Broadband


Try Before You Buy offer: Exclusive to existing Sky TV customers switching their broadband, calls and line rental to Sky. You can cancel their telecom services without penalty within the first three months (and any advance charge for the subsequent period that has been taken will be credited to their Sky account or refunded within 45 days). Unless you cancel beforehand, standard prices apply after 3 months (or if you cancel any one of the telecom services at any time). Prices may go up during your contract. One offer per household. Sky Talk Weekends £0pm. You will need to pay for any chargeable calls made. Not available with any other offer. Home broadband. Up to 17Mb download speeds. No traffic management policy. External factors such as internet congestion and home wiring can affect speed. Tech Team support at no extra cost in your minimum term. 12 month minimum subscriptions apply excluding cancellation under this offer. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlords). Prices for Direct Debit payments only. Continuous debit/credit card mandate costs 50p pm. UK residential customers only. Further terms apply.


So find out more about the latest products and upgrades Sky have got just for you calling 0344 241 1653.


So why choose Sky?

10 million customers can’t be wrong! – And it’s one of the reasons.

With over 10 million customers enjoying Sky products, from Sky Broadband and Talk, to TV and innovative ways to watch like Sky Go, you will definitely enjoy what they do, even though they’re always looking to make things even better.


Apart from great customer support services team you can get lots of Sky entertainment and even more value. Great things now come as standard when you choose Sky:


Over 35 of our most popular entertainment channels

The UK’s widest range of free-to-air channels

Pause, rewind and record your favourite TV with Sky+

TV that’s ready when you are with TV on demand including the most complete Catch Up TV service in the UK with all Sky TV bundles

Access exclusive Sky Box Sets on demand with the

Family Bundle, including Mad Men

Great entertainment on the move with Sky Go

Daily internet browsing with Sky Broadband Lite

Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines


Intending to upgrade – do any upgrades to your services and the best choice to make it right is contacting the Sky customer technical support team 0344 241 1653.


If you are already a subscriber to the SKY television service then you can discuss the various options available if you are thinking of changing or adding to your package. Call the SKY Customer Helpline on 0344 241 1653.


So if you would like to find out more about the range of services that SKY offers call the SKY Customer Support line on 0344 241 1653. If you have a query with your billing and wish to discuss it with a Sky agent, or if you experiencing any technical issues with any of the SKY services then call the SKY Customer Services Helpline on 0344 241 1653 and know that you can “Believe in Better” and always get better from Sky.



Thus, Sky treats its customers with the best technical solutions, they will never regret staying with Sky and will always be satisfied with the support they receive while being the Sky customer. So call Sky customer support number 0344 241 1653/em> no matter if you are playing to discover Sky products or need support!

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10 Responses to Sky contact number

  • guest says:

    I have Sky+HD Question. Please advise me When I open My sky viewing card from the sky+hd box today it doesn’t let me pause or rewind it or let me record. What’s the problem. Please tell me.

    • Admin says:

      maybe sky+ subscription should be added onto your account or sky tech have to re enable recording serv sending a signal down to the box. Anyway you may also try to press serv then press 001select on the remote control, after find sky+ rebuild and press select and again – this should work.

  • guest says:

    My Sky box does not turn on. WHY?
    When I turned on/off My Sky+ box button, it used to be ok and the button was red till I turn on the box.. But now the box is not on at all. I tried to switch the plug socrt – ok, and the plugs are ok – I also checked. So what did go wrong?

    • Admin says:

      if you tried to unplug it for 30 seconds and plug it back and it doesn’t work -it should be something serious. Maybe coz of the fuse in the plug has popped or your box has died. You need an expert to check this.

  • guest says:

    It’s said Sky Broadband doesn’t support Outlook Express to retrieve emails. Is it true?
    Did someone face the same?

    • Admin says:

      Guess you can use Outlook Express, but they won’t support any problems that you may occur with it when you download your messages to your computer.
      I use Verizon as my ISP and use Netscape as my e-mail client. Here Netscape is not supported, so I tried my own here. I download my messages to my HDD to my hearts content, making sure that I backup my computer system NIGHTLY never losing data. It worked out like that.

  • guest says:

    My Sky remote doesn’t work
    I renewed the batteries in my sky remote, though the red sensor light is just flashing, with no connection to the sky box at all. I tried another batteries – still the same. What can be the problem? Can the remote be out of work?

    • Admin says:

      There should be a label in the batter compartment saying that you should replace batteries within ten minutes, not later to resync the remote with the sky box. Try to check out your instruction book, there should be some instructions on your remote. If nothing works, try to ask the tech.

  • guest says:

    Slow Sky Broadband. Help!
    My internet speed (as per has fallen from around 3-4mb to around 0.5mb.
    Anyone has the same with Sky internet? How can I correct it?

    • Admin says:

      First try to reload the router – turn off, and then in a few minuts turn it on again.
      Try to do this better in the evening, if the speed is still low the same, you should contact sky responsible for your broadband.