Sky TV contact phone number

Sky contact telephone number: 03442411653

Basic rate telephone number and other contact details for Sky are likely to be found at Sky website and in the public domain.


Sky is one of the most popular digital TV services in UK. It offers you great entertainment and even more value where, when and even how you want to.

Today Sky is the preferred choice of many for the ultimate in TV entertainment, speedy broadband and a portfolio of flexible phone packages.


So whenever you have any questions or need help with your television then call Sky and the corresponding experts will help you solve any issue providing with the best solution instructions.

The customer service of Sky TV will help you with any enquiry you have concerning technical support, any issues you may have with your account and payments, as well as your charges and will assist you to resolve everything.


A professional from Sky Customer Support will answer your questions and will help you manage with the following.


When you want to upgrade the channels you love watching and the ones you prefer, of course you do not want to bother yourself with the settings, so Sky TV team will definitely help you.


You are also offered to include Sky broadband to get an unlimited access to the Internet. So you will also have lots of other advantages when you get this package from Sky.

So call today on the Sky TV telephone number and you will be directed through to enquire about this and more.


Your Sky TV channels

Sky offers the opportunity to have subscription for certain channels such as:


Movie Channels

Entertainment Channels

Documentary Channels

News Channels

Family Channels

Sports Channels

Special Interests Channels


Of course you can add additional channels you would like to watch – it’s all up to you.


With Sky movies you will have a pleasant time spending alone, with your family or people you dare as you may enjoy watching the latest movies of the different genres that will fit your taste. If you are a sport fan, then with Sport channels you won’t miss any match or sport competition so you will always be aware what is going on in the world of Sport.

With the rest channels you will find everything else to watch, it just depends on what you like, and you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your choice.


Thus, you alsways get more from your subscription to Sky TV channels!


Other services that Sky TV can assist you with

Don’t miss the offer time as the they may be upgraded! You can also Claim Reward so that’s why keeping in contact is convenient.


When any of your equipment gets broken – don’t worry! Calling Sky TV support you may also order replacement and repairs, so it won’t give you any stress, everything can be solved easily.


What is even more useful about Sky TV is that you may call their customer support to wonder which additional devices they have for ordering and select those that will make you enjoy all the conveniences that you can have with TV nowadays.


Calling Sky TV customer support you are also welcome to ask how to set up a recording in the online TV guide when you want to know how to find the TV show, movie or anything else you’d prefer.

Once you are a Sky TV customer or just willing to know more about its services you may always contact Sky TV to find out more about how to:


Pick your Sky TV:

  • more about a world of entertainment with Sky TV. How to choose from the Original Bundle, the Variety Bundle, or the Family Bundle and then add Sky Movies and Sky Sports.

●       how to get more with Sky Movies, Sports and Extra Channels that means brand new movies every week, experience to watch in high definition and events in 3D or add extra channels to your to your Sky TV bundle.


Find and Watch TV

Ask more about how to plan your movies, never miss what’s new on TV this week and what continues tonight with the TV Guide and sign up to Sky TV emails and of course the ways to Watch.


Broadband & Talk

If you are having problems with your Broadband, need to speed it, connect to your wireless network, manage your Sky bills and payments and other questions or issues.



Need to know more about Sky equipment like the best box ever, how to be wireless with Sky, cool remote controls, etc.? – Call to know about the latest products in Shop you may become interested in.


My Sky

More advantages with Sky TV

Being a fan of your favourite movies you can have an access to a library and archive of time old classics then this would be an ample opportunity for you to enjoy this with NOW TV. Family movies, horror or even super hero movies may be what you are into with Sky.

It is great to know that you can depend on BskyB to provide a service which you can enjoy. Sky also provide an opportunity to view their programs on multiple boxes and Devices. Sky Go offer the opportunity to view on demand, box sets and live TV to other rooms in the house. If you would like to do this there are generally two ways to do so. You can also buy Sky Multi Screen as well.

There is also the opportunity to receive live TV through your console device. This means that your XBOX or PlayStation will receive a transmission from your sky box allowing you to view the programs you love in other rooms of the house. So if you are buzy while doing something around the house you can still continue watching and or when you want to watch the rest later then you can be assured that you don’t have to miss it and with the record option do it whenever you want. If you are watching a film and feel sleepy you can continue watching it the next day, so this is also perfect to take full opportunity of an offer like this.


So whatever you do at home or out then you know that Sky can provide the entertainment to match your likes and your time.


While contacting Sky TV you will be required to answer questions concerning your subscription and the deals you have, specially when you want to discuss you account issues in order to confirm that you are the right responsible person. When someone calls on behalf of responsible person,more information may be required.



So do not hesitate to contact Sky TV Customer Support!

When you call Sky TV Support you will be suggested to choose the correspondent quire of your call in order to be directed to the relevant department of the support team. Then the Sky TV expert will assist you to solve the issue you addressing with or will answer all the questions concerning all the Sky TV services provided.



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10 Responses to Sky TV contact phone number

  • guest says:

    Something went wrong with the sound on my Sky TV. Can anyone help?
    I have sky+ tv and very often the sound disappears – nothing helps.
    I have tried to fix it but no… I checked everything – all was plugged in properly.
    Just when I switched off everything and after turned all again it was fine but not for long :( This is too annoying and gets me crazy.
    Please, somebody help! Pls. Advise me what to do. Thnx.

    • Admin says:

      For how long do you have your box? If it’s still under warranty, demand it to be fixed or replaced. If it’s not in warranty, try to phone Sky TV. They will give you instructions how to check your hard because when it’s full, you will need to make some space on it. If fragmented, there is usually a hidden menu to defrag the disk,. And probably, the disk can be re-formatted from the hidden menu too. So good luck with it!

  • guest says:

    Is hockey shown on sky sports TV?
    I’m planning to start with Sky TV for sports package (UK). I love watching different sport events, specially hockey. Can anyone share the SKY TV sports watching experience? Or should I try something else?

    • Admin says:

      Hi, I have Sky sports. They have the red button Service giving you a choice of up to 8 different courts. It is really convenient and nice to watch. Sky Sports also have coverage of the US Open Series which are tournaments leading up to the US Open, including Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Montreal. They also show all the Masters 1000 events throughout the year.
      So it’s really worth it.

  • guest says:

    I have Sky Tv, Talk and Broadband. Is it possible to upgrade to Sky Plus, though keeping the Talk and Broadband.

    Does it cost some extras? Thanks.

    • Admin says:

      As I know Sky+ is free to all Sky subscribers.

      You only need a Sky+ Box, about £40 – £50.

      Also you need to have a dish upgrade, as needed two signals from the dish for the user to record one channel and watch another the box will, so a Quad LNB is needed which is the antenna on the end of the pole on the dish.

      And you will need an installers for this (additional charges).

  • guest says:

    How to terminate the contract with Sky TV provider? Can I be charged for this?

    • Admin says:

      Just call Sky and tell them you want to terminate the contract. Suppose you will have to pay off any outstanding months before you can cancel.
      I also advise you to ask them for a freesat card, so you can replace sky card. In this way the sky box can be used as a freesat box.

    • Admin says:

      I guess NO! It should be only for residents of UK and the Republic of Ireland.
      Sorry for that.