Vodafone contact telephone number: 03333040191

Basic rate telephone number and other contact details for Vodafone are likely to be found at Vodafone website and in the public domain.

Visit Vodafone for the latest mobile phones and discover more on mobile internet, mobile broadband, mobile email, music and much more.

Vodafone is a UK multinational telecommunications company and is the world’s second largest mobile telecoms company measured by subscribers. Vodafone has operations in over 30 countries and has affiliated operations in an additional 40 countries. Vodafone was responsible for the UK’s first mobile call, just after midnight on 1st of January 1985. In less than 15 years they were the largest company in Europe and the largest of their kind anywhere in the world, since then they have gone through an enormous expansion programme though investment and acquisition.
Vodafone were the first mobile network operator in the world to achieve BS 25999 Business Continuity Certification for their 3G voice and mobile broadband networks. This means they can keep you connected if disaster strikes so your business can have confidence in the continuity of services in such events.
If you visit the vodafone uk website at www.vadafone.co.uk you’ll see a wide range of supported phones & devices namely iPhone,Samsung GALAXY ,Android, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Windows Phone, iPad & tablets, Broadband dongles, Accessories, SIM cards, Sure Signal, Mobile broadband Pay monthly customers can chose from 4G-ready phones, Unlimited calls & texts,Vodafone Red Hot, SIM only plans,Upgrades, Travelling abroad on Pay monthly.
For the Pay as you go user there are Pay as you go phones, Free SIM cards, Vodafone Freebees, various top up offers, Freebee Rewardz & a host of pay as you go extras other benefits and extras are unlimited data, free for three months, Apps & downloads, Vodafone Protect, Improve indoor reception with Sure Signal & Keep your number.

Vodafone contact phone lines are open: Monday to Sunday 8am – 9pm.


Contact address:
Vodafone Customer Care
Vodafone House,
The Connection Newbury,
RG14 2FN

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Vodafone, 7.2 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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10 Responses to Vodafone

  • guest says:

    Vodafone mms messages?
    For the last few days I’m receiving some mms messages with Indian numbers telling me I should respond to them to get a prize. What’s that?

    • guest says:

      It should be spam messages, don’t reply, you will only lose your money!

  • guest says:

    How good is Vodafone?
    I’m thinking of starting with Vodafone operator, so want to know some feedbacks if it’s good or not.

    • guest says:

      I’m with Vodafone for quite a long time. And from my own experience I must say that it’s really GOOD!
      I like their commitment to service, customer support works well, and what I also like is that they always have the most recent phones and services available.

      Well… I don’t regret my choice :)

  • guest says:

    Vodafone mobile broadband?
    What’s it like? Is their 3gb enough for general use? Is speed good enough?

    • guest says:

      Hey, I’m using Vodafone mobile broadband. I have 5 gb and it’s more than enough for me, I’m on Internet every day and I only use half of it.
      The coverage is brilliant! The speed may vary depending where I am.

      I would recommend you to check if your area has 3G broadband coverage and choose the speed – 3G Broadband, 3G & GPRS, the last one I would not suggest as the speed may be really slow (as one of my friends complaints).

  • guest says:

    I tried to put a 02 sim in my vodafone mobile. And it is asking for my subsidy code! I don’t get it. What does it mean?

    • guest says:

      It’s asking you for NUC code which means Network Unlock Code.
      I had the same situation with NUC code before.
      What I did to get it – I called Vodafone, and they told me what it is.

      You can also try to go to phone store, but it will void your warranty and insurance.

      So I suggest you to call them and get this code.

    • guest says:

      Me and my family have Vodafone Family. I like it! We call each other for free as many times as we want!
      We’re 6 people here and it’s just great for us. By the way, it can be only for up to 6 people.
      My mom has the first number and she pays £7 per month to add 5 others. If you want to add 3 others you pay £5 per month.
      We try to speak on the phone no longer than one hour at a time because if we exceed an hour, we will be charged the standard rate. Anyway, it’s never been a problem, if I want to talk more than one hour on the phone, I just make a call again when it’s reaching 50 min or so.
      What is more – we can always change the numbers within the family whenever some of us wants to.

      So it is really a great deal for our family. Hope you also like it if you give it a try :)